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What a difference a year makes!

As 2018 has come to a close we found ourselves looking back over what we have done over the course of the year, and my oh my have we done a lot!

It seems a lifetime ago when we launched at Record Store Day 2018 all the way back in April. It was a fantastic day where we got to meet some lovely people, including the cheerful and extremely helpful Candy Floss King, without him our stand would have been half falling down! We will be attending the event again this year and hope to talk to as many of you guys as possible about vinyl!

Since this launch we have made connections with lots of people, from bands and artists to promoters and labels to recording studios. Tom from Blackhill Studios in Southampton has been a massive help to us in this first year. He has helped us develop ideas and think outside the box, and for that we would like to give a huge heartfelt thank you. He is currently running a promotion where if you record a full day session with him you get a copy of your single cut by us on to vinyl for free. This is a promotion that will be continuing in the new year so I highly recommend contacting him.

Our biggest thank you has to go to Southampton Solent University who awarded us an entrepreneurial grant following a business plan review and formal presentation. Adam is a graduate from this University and they have offered support and guidance since the business was still just a whimsical idea. The grant will allow us to offer a wider variety of products and take our business to the next level in 2019.

We have listened to your feedback and used this grant to purchase an A3 printer to allow us to offer printed sleeves for all sizes. In addition to this we have expanded our picture disc capabilities, we already provide 5” and 7” picture discs but with the new printer we can now also provide 12” picture discs, giving you more room for your beautiful art.

We are planning on going to the outside world more more and collaborating with promoters to bring some exciting gigs to Portsmouth. This is still very much in its infant stage but if all goes to plan Record Store Day should be very special indeed.

Finally, we are going to recycle more. We already recycle our test discs into cake trays but we have sketchbooks and mirrors in the pipeline to reduce our waste sent to landfill to even less.

Overall we just wanted to take some time out to say thank you for your ongoing support. Without it this first year would not have been possible, whether it has been ordering from us or just spreading the word, we appreciate it. This blog has already crept on for too long so without thanking everyone individually – you know who you are. Keep your eyes peeled for 2019 – we have some crazy things planned.

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