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The importance of women in the music industry

Yes, it has been a while since our last blog. Yes, it will probably be longer than predicted for the next one. We do have big news so please read on……

Happy Cassette Store Day! Get your pencils ready…

We have been bombarded with requests for cassettes on the run up to this and have sadly been unable to assist. However, we are now pleased to say we have purchased a cassette duplication machine, making us your one stop shop for formats once dead and buried! As soon as we have created some test cassettes we will be open for orders.

The Importance of Women in the Industry:

Back in July we attended the Manchester International Festival. The standout part of the festival for us was the Queens of the Electronic Underground evening, a night curated by the awesome Mary Anne Hobbs. This was an absolutely immense line up of some of the most creative and diverse producers in the electronic music industry today. This included Karla Lewis, Katie Gatley, Jlin and two of our favourite producers Holly Herndon and Aïsha Devi. We danced from start to finish, making mad sprints for the toilet in the gaps between sets so we didn’t miss anything. It was fantastic to see an event showcasing just how strong the female presence is in the industry and made me proud to be the only lathe cutting lady in the UK!

This has inspired us to organise an event of our own on the south coast celebrating females in the music industry, with a line-up of female artists, at a female owned venue and with an all-female tech crew. Details of this will be in our next blog!

A Pivotal Trip to the Midlands:

We made our annual pilgrimage to Pivotal again a few weeks ago. We had a wonderful time ad met some lovely people. This year the main hub was at the more spacious St Pauls Church, as well as an increased number of talks and workshops across a growing number of venues, and even got to see some great up and coming acts. We are happy to see Pivotal grow and intend to be there for every year. This is a great idea that we are happy to be a part of!

Always Innovating:

Finally, you may have seen some new designs on our Instagram page. We are playing around with some new techniques and hope to bring you new and unique designs as we move into the new year. So far we have the stained glass window effect disc and the newly revealed glitter disc below! In addition to this we have been collaborating with ¥eti to provide a multi hole record which looks beautiful on the turntable both when stationary and when moving.

Our Collection grows:

And finally our blogpost wouldn't be complete without an update on the vinyl we have bought… Haru Nemuri - Haru to Shura (We even got this one signed)

Holly Herndon - PROTO

JLIN - Autobiography

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