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Our Less Regular Blog

So we’re almost halfway through June?! How did that happen?

2019 has really flown past us and I still don’t think we have had a day off yet, like every year it has had its ups and downs but that’s another blog entirely.

So far this year our cutting highlights have been…

S.P.Y. – We were involved in cutting some secret tracks only to be released on a limited edition 5” record with his latest box set album release.

Rättegång – A group of twelve-year-old punks who make some mean sounding music!

Amy Goddard – beautiful folk music which we cut to a limited run of pretty picture discs.

Our first gig…

As whoever of you reads our Facebook page will know, Record Store Day 2019 marked our first birthday and to commemorate it we put a gig on in one of our local pubs, The Wave Maiden. For this gig we put on our good friends Highlights of our Modern World, ¥eti and our new friend and internet darling Ned Rush. We also cut a limited to 33 (get it? wink wink) compilation featuring exclusive tracks from said artists and all money generated from the sales of these records went directly to the acts playing. We do still have a couple left so if you are quick you may still be able to bag yourself a copy! Send us an email.

What’s next…

We enjoyed this gig a lot and felt it was quite a success so have decided to strike while the iron is hot and collaborate with Highlights to put on another gig. Again a being accommodated by the amazing Wave Maiden on Saturday June 29th – payday weekend so no excuses not to come! Alongside Highlights this gig will feature our resident producer ¥eti, Winchester based house and hip-hop wizard Inkhromo, and up and coming artist and local Hampshire and South Downs College student, Yung Chow.

More details to come over the next few weeks – you can follow the event here.

Summer Special Offer…

We do have a ridiculous deal available over the summer. We have a very limited amount of slightly thinner 12” records available – these are 1.5mm rather than our usual 2mm. They are perfectly good discs and it makes absolutely no difference to the sound quality – it just means they feel a bit more flexible than our standard discs. We prefer to use the thicker discs as they feel more premium however due to a supplier mix up we these available.

We are offering these for just £12 a disc. That’s £12 for a whole 12 inches! Just send us an email if you want to take advantage of this offer.

That’s all for this one…. we will endeavour to blog again shortly!

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