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A Rather irregular blog post

Hello and welcome to our usually informative but always irregular blog!

To this Day!

So, we know what you are thinking and yes it has almost been a year (almost to the day in fact) but what a yeah it has been, not many people could have predicted this.

But rather than being another webpage that is dwelling on the more negative aspects of life we would rather focus on the positives, as the positives make us happy and we rather like being happy.

Best Foot Forward

We started our year with our yearly jaunt to the Bangface Weekender, though it was the last gig we went to it was an amazing weekend with awesome vibes. Unfortunately, upon our return home, the UK went into lockdown and we decided to take a month away from our workshop. This was time well spent, not only did we exercise every day we also binge watched so much film and TV including Reno 911, Monkey Dust and every Monty Python film and episode that Netflix had to offer. We also used this time to take some online courses on Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator so we can provide more advice and services.

Upon returning to the workshop we applied for the Coronavirus Small Business Grant which was awarded to us within four days of the application (you may have seen us in the local paper). This meant that we were able to move to an office three times the size. We also bought a new desk, not just any desk though a standing desk!! Goodbye back pain!

Artistic Endeavours

This year we collaborated on the massively underrated and under-promoted release by Jez North with their satirical and borderline unplayable release ‘Kill All Cover Bands’. An amazingly obscure release we were happy to be a part of.

We have also been collaborating with our long-time accomplice ¥eti, who never seems to stop dreaming up ways to innovate and redesign the vinyl aesthetic. He certainly is keeping us on our toes!

On the Toob

…and finally, you may have noticed we have uploaded a couple of videos on our Youtube channel, namely us eating spicy foods, we are hoping to continue adding to these so if you have any suggestions hit us up!

If you enjoy our silly videos you might also like our taste in music, check out our Spotify playlists to see what we have on repeat.

Recent Acquisitions

…ok this is the final bit, promise, here is some of the vinyl we have purchased since our last blog post:

Dead Sheeran - Dead Sheeran

Clint Ruin and Lydia Lunch - Stinkfist

Aphex Twin - Collapse EP

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