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All Our Fun Things For February

So, 2019 is well and truly underway and by our calculations it is half past February.

We endeavour to update this semi regular blog to highlight our best bits of each month however if you've missed seeing our faces, Southsea Lifestyle did a cheeky little editorial about us for this months episode so check it out.

We have been busy bees with our custom Valentines Day mixtapes and greeting cards but just because Valentines Day is now behind us it doesn’t mean these offers cease to exist! We can cut any tracks you send us onto a customisable mixtape record, complete with photo on the centre label. This is perfect for birthdays or anniversaries and don’t forget Mothers Day is creeping up on us now too. We can even cut spoken word so you can send a more personal verbal card rather than a run of the mill shop bought one. You can order direct from ourselves or shop via our Etsy page.

As we mentioned in our New Years blog post, 2019 will also see us being able to offer a selection of printed sleeves and 12” picture discs. This was made possible thanks to an entrepreneurial grant from Southampton Solent University who have been a huge help to us from the very beginning. We love making picture discs, they are just so pretty! So please do get in contact with us if this is something you are interested in.

Last year was an outstanding year for live music and us attending gigs but so far in 2019 we have only managed to get to two gigs. The first being a nostalgia driven pop fest as we saw the rock band ‘A’ and one of our favourite bands The Residents where we picked up an awesome an awesome 1984 pressing of “this is a man’s man’s man’s man’s world” that resembles an eyeball. There is a link below of the live performance we saw of it - we highly advise you check it out.

We are hoping to get to more gigs in the coming months, mostly by making them happen ourselves! It is still in the infant stages but April is definitely going to be a fun month – if you are a vinyl collector you should be able to work out the date ;)

I shall sign off now as there is a stack of records waiting to be cut. Keep an eye out on our Instagram page as we have some orders that a going worldwide!

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