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And so it begins....

This time last year whilst sitting in the Dancing Man pub in Southampton on a grim January morning Adam and I discussed the feasibility of starting our own company cutting records. It seemed like a wild idea at first but after a a more in depth discussion, and a significant amount of pints, it became clear that this was something we could really do.

We both carried out some research, renting out library books and reading forums to find out exactly what would be in store. Adam graduated from University and I spent my spare time writing the business plan and compiling lists of equipment.

A short notice invite arrived in my inbox the week before Christmas. There was space for us to go and collect a brand new vinylrecorder direct from the manufacturer in Germany. A 14 hour drive each way into the snowiest depths of Germany and we finally had our machine! Since then we have put in hundreds of hours of cutting time, honing our skills and learning the ways of the machine.

We hope you enjoy our work and we will update this page with any exciting cuts and behind the scenes photos!


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