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A pivotal trip to the midlands

We have just returned home from a long weekend in the midlands, where we attended the first annual PIVOTAL Music Conference. We chose to attend this conference as we ourselves are in our first year of business so found it fitting for this to be the first conference we attended.

The conference was comprised of talks from both industry professionals and artists about how to fully immerse yourself in the music industry. It was great to gain so much knowledge from these talks and to discover that even seasoned veterans of the field are still learning. The general consensus from all of the talks is that collaborating is an integral part of building a successful music community.

Networking drinks was a great time to meet (and collaborate!) with other industry professionals ranging from labels to distribution agencies to artists. This was a great chance to chat and make new friends whilst also giving us a chance to show off some of our new designs and hear feedback on the ideas we have already cut. As a company that intends to bring a fresh perspective to such an established trade, it was great to hear that people believed what we are doing is unique, especially being told we are providing services that other companies cannot.

Testing out our networking skills

The PIVOTAL conference was a fantastic day and an event we hope to foster a relationship with, and hopefully by next year’s conference our networking skills will have improved! With this in mind we have a year to hone our verbal skills and polish our introduction techniques …all of which will be documented through this blog.

So keep ‘em peeled for semi regular updates and feel free to say hi as we are always happy to chat about music, the industry or whatever unusual vinyl ideas you may have.

Thank you!

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