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If you have any questions that are not covered here or just want some more information or advice on your project please email us direct at

What is a lathe cut record?


Our lathe cut records are made by using a diamond needle to cut the music into PVC discs in real time. This ensures every record is checked for errors as it is cut as well as carrying out spot checks using a microscope.


The sound quality will be similar to that of pressed vinyl however our records are handmade onto hard PVC rather than machine pressed into soft lacquer so the sound floor will be a little louder. This is especially noticeable on quiet parts of tracks - so keep in mind what works for a digital file will not sound as good in the vinyl format. Lathe cut records are quieter than pressed vinyl - you will need to turn them up louder.   

Lathe cuts can be a little awkward for auto-play turntables / suitcase style turntables to pick up the lead in groove so we advise obtaining a test cut if you are not sure. 


Everything from our records to our sleeves and labels are made by hand so they may not all be exactly uniform, we like to think of it as each record having character. 

If you have not had a lathe cut before or are unsure of what the finished product sounds and looks like, we recommend buying a test cut first to ensure you are happy with the outcome. 

Do I need to do anything to my audio to prepare it?


We can accommodate CD’s, cassettes or digital files, WAV files are preferred. Please listen back to your music before sending it to us and make sure there isn’t already distortion at high frequencies, any sibilance will be exacerbated when it is cut to record. Please also check for any phase issues, particularly at the lower frequencies. 

Is there a minimum order?


There is no minimum order. There is technically no maximum order however please keep in mind these are all cut in real time, so orders of 80+ copies, particularly 12" records, may take us a little longer to fulfill.

What is included in the price? 


All our prices include a choice of black or clear vinyl, fully printed centre labels and either a clear PVC wallet or plain coloured card sleeve. The prices also include UK VAT. The price you see is the price you get. We do offer picture discs on request. 

Can you print sleeves?


We are have a variety of sleeve types available, from full card sleeves to "v-sleeve" style inserts. Please email us for prices. 

How do I order?

Send us an email with your details, there is a link on our home page and at the top of this page. Provide your name and/or band name, contact details, what records you would like to purchase and what format you will provide us with.


We will send you an invoice with a price break down and an estimated completion time. If you are happy you pay the invoice via bank transfer, confirming you agree to our terms and conditions. A booking is not confirmed until payment in full is made.

Frequently Asked Questions
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