Lathe Cut Records

Crafted By Hand

We provide short run and one off pieces at an affordable price. There is no project too small. 

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We are Lathe to the Grave. You may have already guessed, but we love vinyl!


As our tagline says we make small runs of records by hand for any occasion. Whether you are an unsigned band wanting to blow away the competition, a student wanting to hand in a unique dissertation or you are just trying to buy a bespoke present for that friend who has everything, we can help.


We are here to fulfil your vinyl needs and can offer you anything from one to one hundred records.


Lathe to the Grave has over fifteen year’s experience in the music scene including performance, promotion and production. We understand how important it is to have a reliable service and with this in mind we offer high quality records with a short turnaround to cater to anyone with vinyl needs.

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Portsmouth, UK

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